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Updated SEPTEMBER 21, 2022


I figure it's best to get out the fact that I am a U.S. Marine as Marines love to tell you that's what they are. I served all across the Pacific Ocean in Japan, the Philippines, Thailand, Cambodia, Korea and eventually made my way over to serve in Iraq a couple of times as a Combat Photographer and Videographer. I also specialized in martial arts where I trained a couple hundred Marines for Combat Readiness.

After the military, I got a couple of degrees in Marketing (University of Colorado) and Entrepreneurial Studies (Minneapolis College of Art and Design). I always knew I wanted to run my own business, but wanted to take my time to learn multiple industries and save some money. Therefore I worked over a decade at FOX Sports News as a Media Specialist, did some Project Management with the BOEING Next and Horizon X Programs, and finally finished off the corporate grind as a Manager at Home Depot.

I developed Infinite Ink Apparel, an apparel printing and embroidery business, with my lovely wife, Angela where we hit the ground running and didn't look back. I wanted to build the premise of using our business to help veterans. We put money aside each client we got and helped any veteran who needed help. I also became the youngest Commander in Montana for the VFW and became a fire fighter.

We learned quick we were donating more time to veterans so we decided to start our own apparel brand, Infinite Patriot. We want to help where we can and now we can be on the frontlines doing what we know best, apparel and events.


That's where we are now.


Reno Olvera

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